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Safely receive gifts from your fans without ever revealing your address or getting a PO box. Show gifts you receive live during your stream.

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Step 1

Add gifts to your wishlist

Create a privacy-first wishlist with products from our partner brands or any other store. Share your list with your followers by adding it to your bio and telling your fans about your wishlist.

Step 2

Your fans buy gifts

After sharing your Throne link with your fans, they can visit your wishlist and purchase gifts. Fans can leave a message & their name during checkout. With our integrations, you can show gifts on-stream or tweet automatically for new gifts.

Step 3

Throne ships gifts

Next, Throne ships gifts purchased by fans directly to your address. The order process from Throne is entirely separated from your fan's gift purchase to ensure 100% privacy.

Why Creators love Throne

Increase Engagement

Give your community a new way to support you and your creative work with gifts.


Your delivery details are stored securely and completely inaccesible to fans.

Gift Suggestions

Followers can suggest gifts and be notified once you accept the suggestion.

Interactive Experience

When purchasing a gift, fans can enter a message which can be displayed on stream.

Massive Selection

Next to our growing selection of partner brands, you can add gifts from any online store.

Powerful Extensions

Throne has integrations & extensions for Twitch, StreamLabs, Twitter & More!

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